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Auto Case Processing

What is Auto Case Processing?

Auto case processing simplifies the case development process.  Olivia Prime contains a host of unique case processing tools.  Each tool enables you to process more cases with less work over a shorter time.

Case Assessor

We begin with an automated case processing tool called the Case Assessor. This assessment tool automatically determines the approximate percent chance of winning a disability claim.  This tool helps you to avoid accepting cases that are not winnable.

Vocational Analyzer

The Vocational Analyzer is a powerful auto case processing tool.  It provides a strategic framework based on a client’s remaining functional capacity. The manual approach to vocational analysis takes hours to complete.  Our exclusive vocational analyzer enables you to generate a full in-house vocational report within minutes.

MW Argument Composer

One of our most popular automated case processing tools is the argument creator. You cannot win a case without an effective strategy articulated in an argument. The Olivia Argument Composer (MW Composer) can generate a freehand or template argument.  The Composer also enables you to attach exhibits and addendums.  The Composer is the fastest way to create a formal discussion in a disability claim!

Auto Case Processing Forms Adviser

The Form Adviser is another tool found exclusively in Olivia Prime.  It enables you to complete and share SSA forms in a variety of ways.  Each advisor form comes with built-in verbal instructions that assist the client in completing the form.  So, you won’t have to!  Great time saver!

Task Alert System

Olivia also provides a powerful new task alert system.  The Olivia Task Alert system notifies you by email or cell phone.  It alerts you to upcoming tasks, events, due dates, deadlines, etc.

Every minute saved when operating an advocacy service translates into potential profit for your business.  Bring greater ease and efficiency to your advocacy service by ordering your Olivia Subscription today!

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Auto Case Processing
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