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Unique Tools for Case Processing

Representing a Social Security disability claim requires that you collect, organize, evaluate, and store all available evidence related to a client’s case. This process can result in the accumulation of large amounts of documentation. Olivia Prime makes documentation and case-control easier, more efficient, and less demanding for the practicing advocate. Greater efficiency means more significant profit and less time spent processing cases.






  • Easy Intuitive Interface
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • SSA ERE Compatible
  • Built-in Staff Controller
  • Document Generation
  • SSA Forms Advisor
  • Argument Composer
  • Advocate Marketing Tools
  • Free Software Training
  • No Annual Support fees

Olivia Prime is the most unique SSA advocate case management software on the market!

Intuitive Interface – Easy to navigate uncluttered user interface.
Intake Interview Module – An automated case Intake and Interview Module.
The Case Assessor Module – Determines the approximate % chance of winning a case.
The Voc Analyzer Module – Automated vocational report generator.
Integrated Client Calendar – Plan, document, remind, schedule, prioritize and bill.
Integrated Task Calendar – Used as a day planner and task tracking system.
Client Control Panel – Assignable and secure client communication system.

Case Progress Meter – Automatically keeps your clients informed on case progress.
Client Forms Adviser – Automatically assist clients in SSA form completion.
Operational (OPS) Videos – Add these to your website to instruct customers.
Marketing Module – Used to attract customers to your website.
Case Consolidator – Enables you to create custom client record configurations.
Staff Controller – Enables you to control staff activities within your Olivia account.
Low costs – We offer the lowest price case management software on the market.

Free video training – More than sixty training videos on every use of the software.
Free technical support – There are no fees for technical support.
Olivia Security Seal – Let’s customers know that their data is secure.
No maintenance fees – There are no annual maintenance fees.
And much, much more!

Get 3 Months Free with the purchase of a 3 Year Olivia Prime Subscription