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Client Services

Built-in Client Services Tools

Olivia Prime is the only case management software that contains built-in client services tools. Each of these tools improves customer service and communications.

Assign a Client Control Panel

Within your Olivia Prime account, you have the unique option to assign a client a control panel. A control panel lets a client securely communicate, exchange data, and check his case’s status.

Other Built-in Client Services

Keeping a client informed is one of the best ways to improve customer services. Olivia Prime enables you to automate the client updating process with our exclusive Case Progress Meter tool. This tool lets you assign a client control panel and send automated updates. This tool saves you time, keeps the client informed, and reduces your workload.

The ability to improve a client’s experience while reducing your workload gives you a tremendous competitive advantage. Add automated client services to advocacy service by your Olivia Prime Subscription today!

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